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We're moving to retail billing

From late 2021 we will no longer send bills direct to customers. Instead, energy users across the King Country and Central Plateau will receive just one bill from an electricity retailer of their choice, combining both lines and energy charges as they would anywhere else in New Zealand.

The move to retail billing follows a comprehensive review of options and customer feedback where a vast majority of people told us that they’d prefer to receive a single bill.

The change is expected to take place in late 2021. You don’t need to do anything at this stage. We’ll be working with your retailer to arrange everything and we’ll get in contact with you should you need to do anything to help facilitate the change.

After the change is made, any Waitomo Energy Services Customer Trust (WESCT) TLC discounts and King Country Electric Power Trust (KCEPT) payments will be made to the retail account holder.

Over the coming months we will be working on our internal systems and alongside electricity retailers to ensure the change is as seamless as possible. Following the change, TLC customers will have access to TLC Time of Use lines data through a new web-based portal.

The move to retail billing is part of TLC’s strong focus on improving customer experience and the service it offers, with several other initiatives underway that will ensure we continue to maximise our value to customers and the wider community.

We will continue to operate the network and TLC’s core services provided to customers will not change. Customers will still see our crews working on and around the power lines keeping everyone connected, and you’ll continue to contact us in the event of a planned or unplanned outage.

Our team are here to help answer any questions you may have regarding the move to retail billing, please feel free to contact them on 0800 367 546 or via email.