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Amalgamate your connections

Want to combine residential electricity meters into one?

Joining up your connections is a good option for some properties

Amalgamating meters is useful for properties with multiple dwellings or units, where multiple meters can be joined together under one.

How to amalgamate connections


You need to apply to amalgamate or join your connections

Once you’ve submitted your application, the process to amalgamate your connections normally takes a number of working days, plus the time it takes for your registered electrician to complete the work safely at their end.


Registered electrician required


This requires the installation of specialist equipment, completed by a licensed electrician.

Your retailer bills our lines charges


Our lines function services will be billed by your retailer, who acts as our agent.

These charges are included in the electricity bill you receive from your retailer.

By connecting to, or owning an installation on, our network you agree to our STANDARD TERMS.