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Alter your load

Want to upgrade or downgrade your load.

Load or the total amount of power that your main source of electricity provides for your property can change over time as business needs change

If you’re significantly increasing or decreasing the amount of power (plus or minus capacity) you use on a property, you’ll need to let us know.

Generally, large increases or decreases in load only apply to commercial users.

Steps to alter your load


There are several steps to complete an application and have your load altered, you can check them out below and click on the link to complete your application form.

Note: We’re experiencing a high volume of applications, with longer lead times than normal.

Your retailer bills our lines charges


Our lines function services will be billed by your retailer, who acts as our agent.

These charges are included in the electricity bill you receive from your retailer.

By connecting to, or owning an installation on, our network you agree to our STANDARD TERMS.

Talk to us


If you have any questions regarding altering your load, give our connections team a call on 0800 367 546.

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  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5

1 Apply online

Complete your application form online, this can be forwarded on to your electrician to help fill in the electrical requirements.

2 Assessment

Your application will be assessed by one of our Network Engineers.

3 Approval & Capital Contribution

If approved, you will be sent your approval and possibly a Capital Contribution invoice if applicable, which will need to be paid before your application proceeds. If more work is required to get your requested load to your Point of Connection, this will be sent to our Project Managers to quote for you, once accepted, works will be completed.

4 Compliance

An electrician will then need to confirm site is ready for us to attend and provide a Certificate of Compliance (COC) and Record of Inspection (ROI). You can book your ROI in with a TLC Electrician – just let us know!

5 Load adjustment

A TLC technician will attend to complete required metering or load adjustment work at site.