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Aerial Works

We’re currently carrying out aerial inspections of our lines across the network

We use choppers to check for faults, hazards and what condition our lines are in.

Flying the lines is fast, cost-effective and spots things that can’t be seen in our ground inspections such as a loose cross-arms, or rot at the very top of a pole.

Any issues seen are logged for action, helping us maintain a safe, reliable network and uninterrupted supply for our customers.

All flights follow strict safety and operational procedures and are timed for after calving and lambing, with faults flights made as required.

Our inspection season is underway so look out for our flying visits in your area.

November locations:

Planned aerial inspection locations for November are:

  • Te Kūiti
  • Piopio
  • Aria
  • Mairoa
  • Paraheka Valley
  • Te Mapara
  • Ōtorohanga
  • Waitomo
  • Honikiwi