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Estimate your lines charges

Our calculator can help you understand your energy costs better, by estimating lines charges* on your retailer bill.

You’ll need a copy of your power bill handy.

This is so you can enter your information following the easy step-by-step process.

You must use the information from your most recent power bill as the calculator adjusts based on the current season (e.g. summer, autumn, winter, spring). The bill must also include lines charges, not just power.

The estimated value of lines charges is based on the information you enter, along with TLC’s price list and price category information recorded for your connection.

Estimate your lines charges

Things you need to know before using the calculator

You’re welcome to use our lines charges calculator to give you an estimate of your connection’s lines charges — we hope you find it helpful. Here are a few important things we’d like you to know about the calculator.

This calculator only gives an estimate

Our calculator estimates your lines charges but does not give you an offer, bill or a quote. Although the calculator does its best to give you a good idea of your lines charges, the estimate may not be completely accurate. That’s because of the different sources of information it must use.

How the calculator works out your estimate

The calculator uses the following information to estimate your lines charges:

  • information that you enter from your most recent retailer bill
  • publicly available information — like TLC’s published pricing schedules, and your connection’s pricing and metering information from the Electricity Authority’s registry. If these change, the estimate will change, too
  • prior period information to split your energy consumption that you input into the calculator to determine the estimate.

Some legal stuff we need you to know

This calculator and the estimates it gives, belong to us. This means you may not copy the calculator or republish the information it gives you.

We’re not responsible if anything is incorrect in the estimate. And you can’t use the information in any legal action.

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