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Trainee programme

We're providing great training opportunities for keen locals on all parts of our network.

Line mechanic trainee programme

We believe in providing  opportunities for locals.

Our highly regarded trainee line mechanic programme is a chance to get highly sought-after qualifications and work with the best line mechanics in New Zealand.

You can live locally, and have a great career in an exciting industry and stunning part of the country all rolled into one.


There’s two to three years of on the job training that combines theory with practical work under the guidance of our highly experienced line mechanics.

Our trainees are awarded a NZQA accredited New Zealand Certificate in Electricity Supply Line Mechanic Distribution. This equates to an NZCEA Level 4 qualification and is highly sought after within our industry.


Electrical apprenticeship

Get your career started by training to be an electrician.

The electricity industry needs more electricians, and employers like us are looking for young people to join our crews.

As an electrician, your work can be extremely versatile. Our electrical apprentices are responsible for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting electrical wiring systems. You will find yourself working in homes, commercial or industrial buildings, and even machines and large pieces of equipment.


An electrical apprenticeship is 3-4 years (6,000-8,000 hours of practical work experience), depending on prior experience and qualifications. It is a demanding qualification, requiring sound problem-solving skills and a good understanding of maths and physics.


We will advertise when we have an apprenticeship available. Like the line mechanic programme, there is an application and selection process.