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Moving into an existing property?

You'll need to sign up with an electricity retailer.

Connecting your property to our network has never been easier

We value each and every one of our customers and we’re looking forward to welcoming you on board soon.

Select a retailer


To get connected to our network, you need to sign-up with an electricity retailer who will manage the connection process on our behalf.

There are a number of power retailers operating in our region, with different prices and benefits. You can check out those currently supplying customers on our network below.

Powerswitch is a free, independent service where in three easy steps you can compare plans between retailers, and select the best one for you.

Once you’ve chosen a retailer, you need to contact them to set up an account.


Your retailer bills our lines charges


Our lines function services will be billed by your retailer, who acts as our agent.

These charges are included in the electricity bill you receive from your retailer.

By connecting to, or owning an installation on, our network you agree to our STANDARD TERMS.


Power been off for more than 6 months?


If power hasn’t been supplied to the property for six months or more, for everyone’s safety, we’ll need to see a Certificate of Compliance. There may be a cost involved in this.

If you don’t know how long it’s been since the power was switched off, call your electricity retailer and they’ll check for you.