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Planned maintenance

To keep up with increasing demand, we plan and proactively upgrade our network infrastructure to ensure it remains safe, reliable and resilient.

Planned outages

Like any lines network, we manage temporary network outages from time to time, for various reasons.

Planned outages occur for a number of reasons:

  • Planned maintenance on our lines, cables, power poles, transformers, and substations.
  • Upgrading network infrastructure so it remains fit for purpose.
  • Constructing new substations or lines to handle growth.
  • Upgrading customers’ connections to accommodate additional load or meet changing technology needs.


If your property is going to be affected by a planned outage, your retailer will let you know either via a letter in the post or an email.

We also post outage notifications on our website and provide updates as work progresses.


If we need access to your property for planned work, we’ll liaise with you ahead of time to make appropriate arrangements. This may include getting access for vehicles or to our equipment, an internal meter board, or similar.

Federated Farmers has a range of fact sheets which outline landowner rights and obligations when it comes to access for lines maintenance across private land.

Emergency situations require unrestricted access.


We understand being without power is inconvenient. Choosing when we complete planned maintenance is a careful balancing act involving many factors but public safety and that of our team is paramount.

We also consider seasonal activities like lambing, calving, and peak milk production, as well as ground/access conditions, weather, power demand, regulatory requirements and community priorities.

Unplanned outages

Our priority is to restore power as quickly and safely as possible.

From time to time, we may experience intermittent outages. Our team is out there every working day making sure you have power when you need it.


Unplanned outages occur for many reasons including bad weather, trees or other debris falling on lines, snow, vehicle accidents, or unexpected equipment failure.


While we do our best to resolve outages quickly, there may be times when we need to work alongside emergency services, locate faults in remote areas, or contend with large-scale weather events.

This can cause slight delays, but please be assured we’re working hard to investigate and restore power to you. Your patience and understanding are appreciated.