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Safety Toolbox

We’ve developed a range of useful safety training resources which can be used by contractors, businesses, and individuals to help drive a culture of safety around power lines and cables.

Safety first

When it comes to electrical safety, there is no room for

There are many dangers which come with working around electricity, our safety resources are designed to minimise the risk associated with those dangers.

Nearly every work site has power lines, workers
need to be aware of them and any equipment that could
make contact with them. It’s vital to your safety to know
proper power line safety practices.

We’ve created a set of basic safety tips to help reduce the risk factor when working around our network assets.

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Watch out above

Give power lines at least 4m of space.

Touching and even coming close to live power lines can be fatal. Keep yourself and any equipment or vehicles at least 4m from overhead lines.

Electricity can jump out from lines and travel down equipment, resulting in serious injury for the person holding the equipment below. You don’t have to touch power lines to suffer electrocution. Staying at least 4m away ensures your safety.

In the event a piece of equipment you’re operating comes into contact with a power line, let it go immediately. Don’t ever try to retrieve something touching power lines; call our team instead.

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Take care with high loads

If your load is higher than 4.25m, you need to apply for a high load permit.

When transporting loads through our network higher than 4.25m, be sure to apply for a high-load permit.

Permit applications must be submitted a minimum of 10 working days prior to the planned move date, this will provide our team with ample time to assess if an electricity shutdown is necessary. A Google Map route of the journey through the network must be provided as well.

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Watch out below

Stay safe when working near underground cables.

Accidentally coming into contact with underground utilities whilst conducting excavation work can cause damage, severe injury, and in some cases, even death.

Damaging assets can also hinder the supply of essential utilities, resulting in costly repairs.

No matter the job, big or small, it’s important to know where underground assets are before you dig.

beforeudig is a free online service providing information on the location of underground cables, pipes, and other utility assets.

Stay safe when working around utility cables and pipes by following the rules of safe digging.

Head to beforeudig.co.nz or give our team a call at 0800 367 546

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Stay clear of downed lines

Stay safe around downed power lines, treat lines as live at all times.

Downed or low-hanging power lines are extremely dangerous. Although lines may not show any signs of being energised they can still cause severe injury or death.

If you see downed power lines, do not go near them. Stay at least 10m away and call us immediately.

To report a downed line, give us a call on 0800 367 328


Pillar box safety

Keep pillar boxes clear.

When it comes to electrical safety, there is no room for

Damaged pillar boxes can be dangerous. Make sure they are visible as all times to avoid damage.

If you see a pillar box that is damaged, please call us to report it on 0800 367 328 


Power line incidents

Stay inside, stay safe.

If you have an accident with a power line, stay inside your vehicle and call us immediately.

Your best chance of avoiding injury is to stay in your vehicle until we have confirmed the power has been turned off. If you step out of your vehicle, you will become a path for electricity to the ground and will receive a potentially fatal shock.

Only if you MUST exit your vehicle due to a fire or other dangers, follow these steps to reduce the risk of injury:

  1. Open your vehicle door
  2. Jump as far away from your vehicle as you can with both feet together to prevent current flow through your body. Do not touch the vehicle at the same time your feet touch the ground and do not touch the ground with your hands.
  3. Shuffle or hop to safety at least 10m from the incident

For help with downed power lines, give us a call on 0800 367 328


Trees near lines

Keep trees and branches a safe distance from power lines.

Trees near power lines are dangerous. Keeping them a safe distance from power lines is important. Ensure trees and branches are not within 4 metres of power lines.

Plant trees well away from power lines. Try to keep branches trimmed before they grow too close to lines.

If they get too close, just call our vegetation team. To report a tree hazard near lines, give us a call on 0800 367 546


Protect your power

Tampering with electrical equipment puts us all in danger.

If you see any unauthorised person putting themselves at risk by interfering with electrical equipment, call our team on 0800 367 328 to report it.

If you see any suspicious or criminal activity, call the police on 105.

Stay switched on around electricity. Touching or coming close to live power lines is extremely dangerous. It can cause power outages, severe injury, and even death.