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Decommission your connection

Looking to decommission a temporary or builder’s connection, or remove supply to a building altogether?

Decommission is the permanent removal of the service main connection from our network

This is most common when decommissioning a temporary connection (usually a builders connection) or when a connection is no longer needed to supply electricity to a building or worksite.

The decommissioning process


You can request a permanent decommission of your power supply by contacting your retailer to let them know, then let us know by completing the form below.

Once confirmed, we will then arrange for your line to be removed from our network and your electricity meter to be collected. This is called a standard decommission.

If you have privately owned poles or lines which you’d also like removed, let us know. This is called a non-standard decommission.

Cost to decommission


We cover the cost of a standard decommission.

For non-standard decommissions we provide you with a quote for the work. Once you’ve approved and paid the fee, our team will schedule the decommission and complete the removal of the equipment.



A standard decommission is typically actioned within 20 working days of contacting us.

If you require your standard decommission taken care of sooner, get in touch with our connections team on 0800 367 546.

Timeframes for non-standard decommissions can vary depending on the type of equipment being removed. We’ll let you know when the decommission will be actioned when job is confirmed.