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Maru Energy Trust

Through our support of Maru, we're making a positive difference to people's health and wellbeing.

Keeping people warm and dry

897 homes insulated and 406 heat pumps installed in whare located on the TLC network region.


It’s no secret our network region is characterised by high levels of social deprivation and poor housing. We knew we needed to do something about it, so we helped establish Maru Energy Trust (Maru).

Through our ongoing support of Maru, we’re helping homeowners to tackle heating and insulation in their houses, positively impacting the wellbeing of people in our community.

In 2021, we boosted our ongoing support so even more homeowners across our network region could access funding support for home insulation and heat pumps.

Qualification criteria

  • You own and live in a home built before 2008 AND
  • You have a Community Services card or SuperGold Combo card OR
  • You own and live in a home in an area identified as low income OR
  • You are referred by the Healthy Homes Initiative.