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Haere ra direct bills, kia ora retailer billing

On 1 October 2021 we moved to retailer billing – delivering a number of benefits to customers on our network!

Retail customers will receive a single energy bill combining lines and power charges.

Last direct bills sent in October

TLC customers will get their last direct bill from us during the month of October.

The bill will be for lines charges up to and including 30 September 2021. Just like normal, payment will be required by the due date with the balance payable by credit card or online banking.

Charges from 1 October to be billed by retailers

For lines charges from 1 October 2021, customers will be billed by their retailer. This convenient and easy billing method enables customers take full control of their total energy costs.

With our lines charges are billed by retailers (on our behalf) just as it is for the rest of New Zealand, we can continue to focus on improving your experience with us – maintaining a safe and reliable network for now, and into the future.

Our customer team are here to support customers following the change, customers can call us on 0800 367 546 or email us.

Check out the answers to frequently asked retailer billing questions below.

Retailer Billing FAQs

Will I still get the TLC Discount?

TLC Discounts (WESCT Customers only) will be passed through to the retail account holder, by the retailer (on our behalf).

Will lines charges still be charged?

Yes, all energy customers in New Zealand pay lines charges. Everywhere else in the country these charges are incorporated into their retail bill, with retailers acting as our agent.

Will I still be able to see a breakdown of lines charges?

Some retailers show a breakdown of lines charges on their bills, and others don’t. If you want to see your lines charges as charged by your retailer, you will need to make sure they itemise those charges on their bill.

Does this mean I'll get a larger bill?

Retail customers will get a larger bill as it incorporates both the lines and power charges in a single bill. Most retailers have a range of payment plans and options available which will help customers to spread out those charges should you wish to do so.

Who will I contact if I have a fault, new connection or tree query?

TLC continue to supply power down lines and cables, and maintain the network. If you have network related queries, please phone or email us. For new connections or tree queries, please phone 0800 367 546, and for faults or outages please phone 0800 367 328.

If I'm medically dependent on electricity, what do I need to do?

If you, or a person at your place, is dependent on electricity for medical reasons – you must let your retailer know. You/they should also have a personal medical emergency plan in place should there be an outage.

I used to split the lines and energy bills with another person/party, what do I need to do?

Talk to the retail account holder about the best way forward if you wish to continue splitting those charges. The retail account holder is billed both lines and electricity charges from 1 October 2021.

Will TLC notify me about planned outages once we've rolled over to retailer billing?

No. If we, or Transpower, have planned work affecting your connection – your retailer will let you know.

They’ll give you notice of the outage including the reason for the outage and estimated time when your power will be restored.

My account is in credit after I've paid my final bill from TLC, how do I get a refund?

Once you’ve settled your last bill from us, we’ll close your account. And if you’re in credit, we’ll make sure to refund the balance or transfer it to your retailer. Customers who are in credit will receive a notification from us so we can work through this with them.

When will I receive my last bill from TLC?

Customers will receive their last lines bill from TLC in October. This bill will include all final lines charges for the period up to and including 30 September 2021 (including any outstanding balance owing on your account).

I'd like to talk to someone about the change, who do I contact?

Our customer experience team are here to support you through the change – so reach out either via our call centre by phoning 0800 367 546 or email us.

What should I do if I had an MSD redirection in place?

If you had arranged with MSD to have part of your benefit redirected to TLC for your lines charges, you will need to have this payment either cancelled or moved to your electricity retailer once your final TLC bill has been paid.

If I'm paying my TLC bill by automatic payment, what do I need to do?

If you have set up automatic payments to pay your TLC bill – you must cancel these with your bank after your final TLC bill is paid. We are unable to cancel automatic payments on your behalf.

Who will read my meter?

From 1 October 2021 your retailer will be responsible for reading your meter.

My property is vacant so what does retailer billing mean for me?

Vacant properties which are not connected to an electricity retailer will no longer be billed line charges. This is because a property can only be billed for lines charges if it is connected to an account with an electricity retailer.

Holiday homeowners could talk to their retailer about disconnecting their installation when it is not in use and reconnecting it when they want power to the property. If you choose to do this, don’t forget to check with your retailer if there are reconnection fees.

Will my lines charges increase?

Retailers set their own pricing. Your retailer will notify you of changes to their prices. Our pricing published in April 2021 remains the same.

Will some customers continue to be direct billed by TLC?

Yes. TLC’s largest industrial customers will still receive a separate lines bill for some of their connections – a practice that is consistent throughout the New Zealand energy industry.