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Update on electricity supply in the Tūrangi area

15 February 2023

Power to remain off to parts of Tūrangi, Motuoapa, Waihaha, Tauranga-Taupo, Mokai, Rangipo, Tihoi, Whareroa, and Whangamata Rd. A generator at Tokaanu Village is connected and supplying power to that area.

There is significant damage to our network due to forestry damage. For the Motuoapa area, we are looking to try and restore power late this afternoon either permanently or via a generator Due to extensive forestry debris in the area, it is essential we conduct extensive safety checks before we can complete either option.

Our team are in the air and on the ground again this morning, continuing to assess the damage. From there, they will be working to establish plans for major repairs to be undertaken. Those repairs are likely to include rebuilding lines supplying power to the area, as well as the replacement of transformers and other equipment.

We are attempting to source additional generators and will provide an update on those later today. Due to significant power issues across much of the North Island, we expect generators to be in hot demand.

Given this, you may wish to consider relocating elsewhere for the next few days. If you are staying put, please follow our safety recommendations: https://www.thelinescompany.co.nz/news/2023/cyclone-gabrielle-causes-major-damage-to-electricity-supply-in-turangi-area/

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