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Photo (L-R): Carl Both - manager network services, Dion Adams - Coach/reserve, Richard Bishop - Cable Jointer, Wiremu Te Tawhero - Qualified Mechanic, Jordan Hughes – Foreman, Tallis Karaitiana - Qualified Line Mechanic, Shaun Edgerton - Trainee Line Mechanic, Shogun Haami - Team manager.

TLC team set to take on national line competition

15 September 2023

With the industry’s annual line competition set to take place in Invercargill next week, The Lines Company (TLC) has named a talented squad to head down south.

Hosted this year by electricity distribution business (EDB) PowerNet, the Connexis Annual Connection is a three-day event pitting line mechanics and cable jointers from around the industry against each other in competition. The event shines a spotlight on the tremendous skill and talent of the workforce responsible for keeping the lights on across Aotearoa.

Taking place at Donovan Park, Invercargill, on September 19 – 21, the team representing TLC at this year’s Annual Connection is:

  • Dion Adams – Coach/reserve (Taumarunui depot)
  • Jordan Hughes – Foreman (Te Kūiti depot)
  • Tallis Karaitiana – Qualified Line Mechanic (Te Kūiti depot)
  • Wiremu Te Tawhero – Qualified Line Mechanic (Taumarunui depot)
  • Shaun Edgerton – Trainee Line Mechanic (Te Kūiti depot)
  • Richard Bishop – Cable Jointer (Tūrangi depot)
  • Shogun Haami – Team manager (Taumarunui depot)

This year’s squad has a hard act to follow, as 2022’s team saw great success at the last edition of the competition, taking home three coveted awards. Awards won included Line Mechanic Build, Colin (Bear) McKay Memorial Trophy for Line Mechanic Dismantle, and Ross Archer Memorial Line Mechanic Safety Award, presented to trainee line mechanic Wiremu Te Tawhero.

The four-person line mechanic crew set to enter the arena in Invercargill includes Jordan Hughes (Foreman), Tallis Karaitiana (Qualified Line Mechanic), Wiremu Te Tawhero (Qualified Line Mechanic), and Shaun Edgerton (Trainee Line Mechanic). Coached by Dion Adams and managed by Shogun Haami, the talented line-up will compete against crews from other EDBs.

TLC expands their team this year, introducing cable jointer Richard Bishop. Bishop will compete in a series of individual cable jointing events, separate from the line mechanic competition.

“The team is stoked to have the opportunity to represent their region as well as the Company [The Lines Company] down in Invercargill,” says team manager Shogun Haami.

“Last year’s team set a high standard, leaving big shoes to fill, but we’re confident in the combination of talent in our team this year.”

The Connexis annual event showcases the electricity industry, career pathways, technology, and skilled training programmes required to keep the power on.

TLC currently have vacancies for various roles and encourages anyone interested in developing a career in the energy sector to apply here, Work with us.

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