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A tree fallen on power line at Huirumu

TLC customers should prepare for Cyclone Hale

10 January 2023

The Lines Company (TLC) is asking customers in the King Country, Ruapehu and Central Plateau areas to prepare for strong winds from Cyclone Hale by securing objects that could blow into overhead power lines.

While not expected to be in the immediate path of Cyclone Hale, TLC crews are preparing to respond to damage that may be caused to the electricity network. High winds are predicted in the area from late afternoon on Tuesday.

GM Service Delivery, Jared Murrell says trampolines, outdoor furniture and other non-fixed items should be made secure.

“Fallen trees, branches and other wind-blown objects like outdoor equipment can cause power cuts.”

“With changing climate conditions, we are experiencing storms year-round and not just in the winter,” says Murrell.

“People should be prepared for possible power cuts at all times by having good supply of batteries and torches on hand. Having full gas bottles on hand for cooking on BBQs can also come in handy.”

Customers who see power lines that have come down or trees on lines should check TLCs website for faults, and if the fault is not listed – they should report it by calling 0800 367 328. Crews will work safely to find and repair faults as they are reported, conditions allowing.

Downed lines are very dangerous and should be treated as live at all times. People and livestock should stay at least 4 metres away at all times. Coming into contact with live power lines can result in serious injury and even death.

Customers who are medically dependent on electricity are advised to have their emergency plans in place, ready to be enacted in the event of an outage.

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