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Network update

15 February 2023

Our crews and planning teams have been busy throughout the day repairing damage to our network and restoring power to those who we can safely. This morning we had around 2200 customers without power, that number is now 727.

Along with fixing numerous downed lines, broken poles and cross arms, we’ve replaced a number of transformers, loads of insulators and other important gear right across the network.

Generators have been deployed in two locations in the southern area of the network. And we’re attempting to source additional ones for areas that will be offline for a longer period of time. However, given the state of the electricity infrastructure across the North Island, generators are in significant demand. Generators are not always an ideal solution as d to lines may prevent them from being able to supply power to every affected property in the area.

Today, power has been restored:

  • On the Wharepapa feeder (112), 107 customers
  • On the Moutuoapa feeder (33kV) by generator, 495 customers
  • In Mokai, Waimahora, Paewhenua, Otukou and other areas

If you are still without power, and you’ve reported the outage, don’t worry – we’re going to get to you as soon as we can.

By 9pm, we’ll be sending our crews home for the night so they can spend some time with their whānau and get some much-needed kip. They’ve worked tirelessly in some pretty trying conditions over the last two days. Thanks to them and everyone working behind the scenes to get our community back online!

For the latest planned outage information visit: https://ifstlc.tvd.co.nz/#/Index

A skeleton crew will remain on hand overnight to attend to any emergencies.

For more information contact