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Mike Fox confirmed as CE

TLC confirms Mike Fox as CE

22 September 2022

The Lines Company (TLC) Chair Bella Takiari-Brame today announced the appointment of new Chief Executive, Mike Fox, effective immediately.

Fox has been with TLC for five years, holding the role of General Manager, Network and held the role of Acting CE following the departure of CE, Sean Horgan, from the electricity distribution business in June.

“We’re thrilled to appoint Mike to role,” says Takiari-Brame.

“He has a wealth of knowledge and experience across the sector and a thorough understanding of our customers and community and our network, and metering business.”

Fox has worked in the electricity industry for 18 years, holding senior roles at TLC, and Mercury – with an extensive background in asset management, planning, engineering, and organisational strategy.

Fox said he was “excited to be appointed as CE” and that he looks forward to the challenge of continuing to ensure the needs of TLC customers and the community are met.

“Our community is what makes us unique. We’ve got some of the most demanding countryside in New Zealand to get electricity to, and our customers rely on us to do this safely, efficiently, and sustainably.

“TLC is focused on helping people connected to our network to thrive. We’re doing so by creating capacity on our network to enable growth and decarbonisation, generating income from outside the region, creating jobs for local people, and ensuring our assets are fit for generations to come,” says Fox.

Takiari-Brame confirmed Fox’s appointment was made following a competitive recruitment process.

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