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New transformer at Kuratau Substation

New transformer at Kuratau Substation goes live

10 February 2022

Stage two of The Lines Company’s (TLC) Kuratau line renewal and substation upgrade is complete.

The installation of a second transformer at the Kuratau substation completes the second stage of TLC’s $1.4 million investment to improve the electrical infrastructure on the western side of Lake Taupō. The project, costing $530k, improves the reliability of electricity supply, reduces outages, and speeds up restoration time for over 1,600 customers in the region.

Manager of Programme Delivery and Key Accounts Joel Williams said, “Installation of the second transformer helps us to better meet the electrical demands of our customers during peak seasonal periods, whilst also allowing maintenance work to be completed without disruption to supply.”

“We would like to thank customers for their cooperation whilst work to install the second transformer at Kuratau was carried out.”

The upgrade at Kuratau is part of a larger scope of work which aims to ensure demand for electricity is met throughout the network. TLC has a number of upgrades and other network investments underway to ensure the network they operate in is well positioned for future economic development opportunities.

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