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We're updating our Terms of Service

14 July 2021

Over the coming months we’ll be making some important changes to our terms of service in preparation for the rollover to retailer billing.

The first of the changes sees TLC’s existing terms of service amended to include minor amendments and introduction of a new clause enabling us to cancel the terms. We’re also adding an additional clause, so the provisions of the agreement remain valid until obligations by both us, and our customers, are met. The amendments to the existing terms of service will take effect on 20 August. A full summary of changes and the amended terms of service are available to view here.

“The changes to our terms mean we can move forward with introducing a customer-centric, set of terms for when we shift to retailer billing,” said TLC CE Sean Horgan.

In August, TLC’s amended terms will be cancelled, and a replacement set introduced taking effect on 1 October to align to the rollover to retailer billing.

“Our team worked with our Customer Service Panel on these changes, as well as the replacement terms.

“They told us our existing terms are complex and our replacement terms need to be more understandable and use less technical jargon. We’ve listened and the replacement terms for retailer billing will be much easier to understand.”

TLC has a range of retailer billing information available on our website, and the customer experience team will actively support customers across the King Country, Ruapehu District and Central Plateau through the change via our call centre, in person, and online.

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