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TLC wins the New Zealand Energy Outcomes Award

6 May 2021

The Lines Company (TLC) took out top honours at last night’s New Zealand Energy Excellence Awards winning the Outcomes Award for 2021.

TLC was one of the three finalists in the inaugural Outcomes category celebrating outstanding initiatives for accessible and inclusive products and services that deliver beneficial outcomes for consumers.

TLC were recognised for three main initiatives intervening the significant energy hardship that occurs in pockets of their network. The initiatives included Maru Energy Trust, TLC’s Vulnerable Customer Care Model and COVID-19 Relief – all having a positive outcome for the community.

The lines business’ tackles energy hardship by challenging how they support customers with the provision of wrap around services, relief, and educational programmes.

This approach supports TLC to identify customers who are vulnerable (including those who are medically dependent), removes barriers to getting the help they need, and supports them to break the cycle of vulnerability by setting people over process.

It also enables Maru Energy Trust to make a positive impact on lives through drier, warmer, healthier homes – as well as one-off relief support to be provided, as seen during the COVID-19 lockdown.

TLC chair Mark Darrow says he’s extremely proud of the team and recognition of their work.

“It’s a significant acknowledgement of the immense effort our business has put into helping address energy hardship in our community.”

“We’ve spent the last 4 years building the foundation of our approach to both improve the business and tackle energy poverty in our region which is characterised by disproportionately high levels of social deprivation – and it’s paying off.”

TLC’s Chief Executive Sean Horgan said, “winning was a great achievement for TLC, but the real winners are those benefiting from what we’re doing.”

“It’s incredibly humbling and rewarding to see the difference our programmes are making for people who live in our communities.”

“I really want to acknowledge and thank the work of the team at Maru Energy Trust and its supporters including the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority, Waitomo Energy Services Customer Trust and King Country Electric Power Trust to name a few.”

TLC were a finalist in two award categories, with Jared Murrell (Manager Network Services) being one of three finalists in the Young Energy Professional category.

The Young Energy Professional category recognises a stand-out professional under the age of 40 in the New Zealand energy sector. Judging looked at an individual’s achievements during their career to date, including key projects.

Employed by TLC for over 20 years, Jared has developed multi-level understanding of the electricity industry. His extensive knowledge, inherent and authentic leadership skills, accurate focus on quality customer experience and highly developed technical skills made Jared an outstanding nominee for the Young Energy Professional of the Year award.

The night was capped off when former TLC chief executive, Brent Norriss, received the Editor’s Award – a posthumous presentation following his tragic death in February 2020.

Norriss worked for TLC from 2002 to 2017.

TLC shareholder, Waitomo Energy Services Customer Trust were elated – chair Peter Keeling commenting he was “thrilled with the accolades bestowed upon the team last night.”

“We’re immensely proud of the team, their vision and dedication to help make a significant difference in the communities in which they operate.”

“TLC’s Board, Sean and his team have invested significant effort in addressing the real issues around home insulation, energy hardship and COVID-19 support.”

TLC’s chair also acknowledged Young Energy Professional finalist Jared Murrell.

“Growing talent is important to our region and Jared should be extremely proud to have been a finalist,” said Darrow.

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