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TLC bills reducing for winter

3 March 2020

The Lines Company (TLC) customers who use the same amount of electricity as they did last year will get cheaper bills from 1 April.


New prices will see a residential Time of Use customer with average usage (around 8000kWh/year) get a reduction of about eight per cent or $120 over 12 months. Residential customers will see the biggest change in shoulder and off-peak prices with shoulder prices reducing on average 23 per cent.


TLC chief executive, Sean Horgan said the company is pleased to be reducing bills for customers in time for winter.


“If a customer uses the same amount of electricity, and in the same manner as they have in the last year, they can expect to see a lower bill from 1 April.”


“Shoulder and off-peak pricing times make up the largest part of the day so these reductions will be good for customers. I’m also hoping the change will encourage customers to move usage to times when prices are cheaper, bringing bills down further,” he said.


“Different types of customers with different usage will see differing effects, but overall the change is a positive one.”


The announcement from TLC comes on the back of the Commerce Commission decision that determines revenue and service standards for the next five years. For TLC and many line distribution companies throughout New Zealand, this has resulted in a reduction in the regulated revenue they are allowed to earn.


TLC customers will be notified of the changes by post or email by 4 March 2020. New prices will come into effect on 1 April 2020.

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