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Te Waireka sporting new switch room

17 December 2020

The first of two new switch rooms has arrived at the Te Waireka substation.

This is stage two of a three stage project that will see Ōtorohanga’s growing demand for electricity supported by the new transformers that were commissioned last year.

On Wednesday, the new switch room was delivered to site on Te Waireka Road. It was lifted onto steel portals by a 60-tonne crane. The existing switch room will be re-used elsewhere on the TLC network.

Work has commenced immediately to connect the switch room to the network with commissioning expected in late May 2021.

The main equipment inside the switch room includes 11kV automated switchgear, associated electrical protection, and communications systems. In the case of a power outage, the switchgear provides the benefit of being able to automatically restart the power remotely, significantly reducing electricity down-time for customers.

A second switch room, the third and final stage of the substation upgrade, will be installed in 2022.

TLC’s General Manager Network Mike Fox would like to thank all the neighbours of the substation. “They have been really supportive of the upgrade and great to work with throughout this whole project.”

“We’re excited to provide Ōtorohanga and surrounding areas with a substation that provides security of supply and is well positioned for future growth.”


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