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Ditch the snail mail and you could win*

17 January 2020

Now’s the perfect time to get your bill by email. To switch simply complete the form below and you’re in the draw to win.


Yes – I want to get my bill by email


Why change from paper to email billing?

  • It’s the faster way to receive your bill
  • Reduces your waste, making it better for the environment

What do I do if I already receive my bill via email?

Nothing, we’ll automatically put you into the draw to win a month of free line charges.*


Be in the draw to win a month’s free line charges!*

Switch your paper bill to email before 31 March 2020 and go in the draw to win a month of free lines charges.  There’s two chances to win – we’ll draw winners on 14 February and 3 April 2020.  And if you win, you choose the free month during 2020.


For more information contact