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The first of TLC’s Te Waireka 15MW transformers rolls into Ōtorohanga

First 15 megawatt transformer arrives at Te Waireka, Ōtorohanga

4 May 2018

After several months’ preparation, the first of The Lines Company’s (TLC) new 15 Megawatt (MW) transformers arrived at its Te Waireka substation in Ōtorohanga yesterday.

Manoeuvred into place at the end of its 9836-kilometre journey from Vietnam via the Ports of Hanoi and Auckland, the custom-built transformer is one of two that will increase power supply capacity for Ōtorohanga and the surrounding areas.

Weighing in at 38 tonnes, the transformer began its journey south from its Auckland storage point in the early hours of the morning.  Its 5.6-metre transport height meant that power and other utility lines had to be raised and lowered at a number of points along the way to allow the load to pass underneath.

TLC’s General Manager of Network Development, Mike Fox says the arrival of the transformer marks more than a year of preparation that has seen the transformer go through design and manufacture, followed by rigorous inspection and testing to ensure it meets Ōtorohanga and the network’s specific needs.

“It’s great to see the first transformer down on the pad at Te Waireka.  The transport was handled really well with safety front of mind and great collaboration between our team, suppliers and distribution and telco colleagues. We’ve also had amazing support from the local residents.”

Next steps are to fasten the transformer to the pad before the connection, testing and commissioning work can begin.  Other equipment associated with the transformer at Te Waireka, that delivers power to homes and businesses in and around Ōtorohanga, will be upgraded at the same time.

Towards the end of next month, TLC will move one of Te Waireka’s existing 10 MW transformers to Taumarunui where from October it will be used at the Borough substation to increase that town’s supply capacity.

Transformer Facts

  • Dimensions: 4.6m long, 4.2m wide, 4.4m high
  • Weighs 38 tonnes
  • 15 Megawatt capacity*
  • Custom-built in Vietnam to TLC specifications
  • Travelled around 9836kms to Ōtorohanga via Ports of Hanoi and Auckland
  • Careful journey – power and other lines had to be lifted and lowered at points from Auckland to Otorohanga to accommodate the transport height.  Special thanks to our distribution and telco colleagues
  • This transformer has a twin which will is scheduled to arrive at Te Waireka in September 2018
  • 1 Megawatt(MW) = 1 million watts or the same amount of energy as 10,000 regular 100 watt light bulbs

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