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Line Mechanic Team Leader, Tony Gannon presenting to Rangitoto School, the first King Country kura to pick up the Bright Sparks programme.Tony Gannon provides a Rangitoto School student with a ‘hands-on’ look at a pair of insulated line mechanic gloves.Bright sparks and bright smiles at Piripiri School as Tony Gannon poses with students.

Local schools full of bright sparks!

24 May 2024

Local primary school tamariki and their teachers have jumped on board a free safety programme which aims to keep whānau safe around electricity.

The Lines Company (TLC) has launched ‘Bright Sparks’, an electricity safety programme targeting primary school students. The programme complements other energy education initiatives run by TLC, including adult-focused seminars to help save energy and reduce power bills.

Community and customer engagement manager Anne Terry said Bright Sparks was TLC’s first primary school programme and was developed in-house by TLC staff. Rangitoto School east of Te Kūiti was first off the block, followed by Piripiri School with another 16 schools already signed-up.

The 60-minute programme teaches tamariki how electricity works, why it can be dangerous and how to keep themselves and others safe. Students get the chance to try out safety equipment and are told what might happen when things can go wrong.

“It’s a very hands-on, interactive session and as much as possible, we’re using our own line mechanics to come and talk to the kids,” Anne said.

“It’s really fun, but it does deliver some serious safety messages and it supports the public safety messages TLC is constantly pushing. By delivering those messages to tamariki, we hope they will be shared to the rest of the whānau and wider community as well.”

Anne said her team was hoping to push out the Bright Sparks programme across the TLC network, but appreciated schools had limited time and capacity.

“That’s ok. We’re taking some time to get it right and make sure we’re delivering information in a way that works really well for everyone.”

To find out more about the Bright Sparks programme, schools should email info@thelines.co.nz

For more information contact