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Sample of TLC’s safety campaign which has been picked up by other electricity distribution companies across New Zealand.

Local safety campaign goes national

3 July 2024

An electrical safety campaign developed by local electricity distributor The Lines Company (TLC) is being shared nationwide.

The King Country company is helping out other electricity distributors nationwide by sharing the public safety campaign it developed in-house.  The campaign has been given to Electricity Networks Aotearoa (ENA) to share with its members — all the other local electricity distributors across the country.

It has already been picked up and used by Scanpower in northern Tararua district.

The digital and print safety campaign highlights TLC’s commitment to keeping people safe.

TLC chief executive Mike Fox said it made sense to share the safety campaign and save other distribution companies and their communities time and money.

“We all want the same thing, to keep people safe,” Fox said. “We’re really happy to work collaboratively and see the work we’ve done shared elsewhere.  Safety is a shared responsibility and we’re proud to lend a helping hand to others in the industry.”

The safety campaign addresses important topics, including:

  • Trimming trees safely near power lines
  • Safe digging practices to prevent damage to underground lines
  • Avoiding pillar boxes
  • Maintaining a safe distance from power lines
  • What to do if your vehicle contacts a pole
  • Being aware of overhead lines

TLC has removed its own logo and contact details, allowing other companies to add their own.

Electricity Networks Aotearoa Chief Executive, Tracey Kai, says lines companies are working together to collaborate and align processes.

“Lines companies have specialist knowledge for the networks needed for their specific region, so a one-size-fits-all approach is not practical. But where it is practical — to come together, collaborate and share best practice — we are working to make that happen.

“Getting too close to live power cables is incredibly dangerous and can be fatal. The more we can spread this message to communities across Aotearoa the better,” says Kai.

To view TLC’s safety resources, please visit the TLC website at TLC SAFETY TOOLBOX

For more information contact