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Photo (L-R): TLC chief executive Mike Fox and Rupehu mayor Weston KirtonMayor Weston Kirton testing out Taumarunui's new fast EV charger

Taumarunui fully charged and ready for summer

21 December 2023

Taumarunui is charged up and ready for summer with the commissioning of a new fast electric vehicle (EV) charger in the centre of town.

The charger in Hakiaha Street was commissioned yesterday. A formal unveiling attracted staff from The Lines Company (TLC) and Ruapehu District Council, all there to celebrate the seventh fast charger now up and running in the King Country.

The speedy charger operates at twice the speed of the prior largest chargers (75kW) within the TLC network, delivering an impressive 150kW of power to EVs. The new charging point will reduce the time it will take drivers to power an average EV by 50%. Not only fast, but the station is also smart and efficient, containing advanced charge and load management technology. This tech allows the charger to manage energy use wisely, helping to balance demand on the network whilst ensuring the electricity needs of the Taumarunui are met.

TLC secured funding for the charger from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) which wants to see fast EV chargers in pivotal locations across New Zealand.

EECA’s manager, EV public charging delivery, Harry Wilson, said ‘fuelling up’ EVs using smart chargers made sense, given the growing number of EV vehicles on the road.

“It helps New Zealand prioritise renewable energy, so we’re very happy to see TLC taking this opportunity to increase the local EV network.”

Ruapehu mayor Weston Kirton agreed the new charger was a big plus for the town as it heads into the busy tourist season.

“I’m a big supporter of TLC’s efforts to put more and more fast chargers right across the King Country and our district. If we want people to come here, and stay longer, let’s make it easier for them to do that.”

TLC’s general manager, future energy Kyle Barnes said 17 of TLC’s own vehicles were now hybrid or electric.

“For us, it just makes sense and it’s very cool to see this one up and running before Christmas and in time for the summer holidays when plenty of people will be travelling.”

The new Taumarunui charger means there are now seven fast chargers across the TLC network, allowing drivers to fully charge their vehicles within 15 – 30 minutes. It brings the total number of EV charging units on the TLC network to 48, with the furthest distance between EV chargers just 70km.

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