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WESCT Customers due to receive $4.2M* in TLC Discounts

6 December 2022

This financial year, The Lines Company (TLC) customers in the northern part of their network region will share $4.2M* as electricity retailers distribute TLC Discount payments to Waitomo Energy Services Customer Trust (WESCT) Customers.

In December, payment of TLC Discounts for eligible customers will be distributed as a credit on their electricity retailer account, with a total of $2.3M* being assigned this round.

TLC Chief Executive Mike Fox says the timely payment ends another demanding year for the electricity distribution business as it focuses on improving the network and providing community benefit for the region.

“Our teams have been busy this year supporting our community through around $400,000 in community-focused initiatives and completing several significant work programmes – all while dealing with a large number of significant weather-related events.

“$6.5M in network investments have been completed since January including the livening of the new substation at Waitete, line renewals, installing fast EV chargers, and major upgrades to lines and cabling at Hangatiki.

“A range of community organisations and local individuals have also benefited through our partnership, sponsorship, training, and scholarship programmes – as we focus on helping our region thrive. Our vision to grow communities with energy also sees us focused on returning a healthy TLC Discount to WESCT Customers.”

While TLC’s network operates throughout the greater King Country, Ruapehu and Central Plateau – it’s those in the northern part of the network area, WESCT Customers, who are shareholders of the business.

WESCT Chair, William Oliver, said the payment was a reminder of the significant value of TLC being community-owned.

“Over $17.6M in total across four financial years, including this one – this is a major benefit of the business being owned by its northern customers.

“And the advantages of owning TLC extend beyond the discount. Local ownership ensures for generations to come that the lines, poles, substations, transformers, wires, and cables are built for our community. A big part of this is to get our region ready and able to decarbonise, with increased demand on the network expertly planned for and managed by TLC.

WESCT’s role as a Trust is to promote and encourage an efficient and reliable electricity distribution system throughout the district.

Customers can expect their TLC Discount to appear as a line item on their electricity retail bill in December or January, depending on billing cycle. The discount is based on the price plan and electricity usage for eligible customers between 1 April and 31 October 2022.

The next TLC Discount will be processed in April next year, for the period 1 November 2022 through to 31 March 2023.

*Targeted TLC Discount. Values are exclusive of GST.

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