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We're working on the network at alert level 3

31 August 2021

Our continued focus is to keep the lights on while keeping our customers and our team safe. Under alert level 3 this means we will resume maintenance activities and planned work which doesn’t require power to be temporarily turned off.

At alert level 3, you may begin to see our teams carrying out work such as routine inspections of pillar boxes and other equipment near homes and businesses. They will be wearing appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) and maintaining a safe social distance from those outside of their crew.

We won’t be interrupting the supply of power, unless we find an issue which requires us to do so in order to repair the problem safely. If this happens, we’ll be in contact to let you know before we turn the power off.

If you see our team out and about on the network, please keep yourselves and our people safe by maintaining social distancing of at least 2m.

For more information contact