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Thomas Wana, Brayden Crown & Tallis KaraitianaThomas Wana, Brayden Crown & Tallis Karaitiana

Successful locals graduate from TLC’s trainee programme

30 April 2021

Three newly qualified line mechanics have graduated from The Lines Company (TLC) trainees’ programme.

TLC’s trainee programme has successfully had another three line mechanic’s graduate with a formal qualification, following on from the five trainee line mechanics and one apprentice electrician that graduated last year. The programme was established in 2015 and currently has six trainee line mechanics and one apprentice electrician working towards a qualification.

Thomas (Cocky) Wana (Te Kūiti), Tallis Karaitiana (Te Kūiti), and Brayden Crown (Taumarunui) are the three newly qualified line mechanics. They began the trainee programme in 2018 and have successfully qualified after completing their final theory and practical tests at line school last month.

TLC’s Manager Network Services Jared Murrell said, “the line mechanic qualification is a great accomplishment for the trainees and the community.”

“The trainee programme is a great opportunity for locals from the community to gain a trade and a highly sought-after qualification.”

“The line qualification will continue to benefit the team through great skills, knowledge and the experience they have gained.”

“It is great to see another intake successfully complete their training with us.”

Murrell said the three graduates should be proud of themselves because it is a great achievement and has kicked started a bright career in the electricity industry.

The youngest of the three, 21-year-old Brayden Crown based in Taumarunui, said becoming a qualified line mechanic is a real sense of achievement.

“Gaining this qualification has proven to myself that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.”

“It is great to know I can provide for my whānau in the future. I see this qualification taking me to a higher role in the industry someday.”

Crown said he has learnt and experienced so much already and knows the qualification will only continue to open doors for him.

Thomas Wana, 43 years old from Te Kūiti said he began the trainee programme 3 years ago, after working as a driver for TLC for 6 months.

“I found out about the trainee programme and wanted to upskill. Now I have completed the programme the opportunities of this qualification are endless.”

Wana said becoming qualified has meant a lot to me, it is a big achievement especially at his age.

Tallis Karaitiana, 25 years old from Te Kūiti, applied for the trainee programme after he saw it advertised in the King Country News.

Tallis said the trainee programme has taught him many new skills that have allowed him to progress as a lineman and skills that can be used in day to day life.

“I really enjoyed getting to know the role and everything that comes with it. It allowed me to accomplish goals, kept me striving and looking forward.”

“I hopefully see this qualification helping me progress my way up the ranks, becoming a better lineman along the way.”

Tallis said there are so many avenues in this line of work, and he can’t wait to see where the opportunity takes him.

The final step for graduates will be their registration as Line Mechanics with the Electrical Worker’s Registration Board at which point, they will be fully-fledged Line Mechanics.

The three new qualified line mechanics will have achieved a New Zealand Certificate in Electricity Supply Line Mechanic Distribution, a Level 4 qualification.

Applications for the next intake open in November with successful trainees commencing roles in 2022.

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