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Photo credit: Love Taupo

Progress on the Kuratau line upgrade

15 April 2021

Stage two of The Lines Company’s (TLC) Kuratau line renewal and substation upgrade is in full swing.

Stage two of the Kuratau line upgrade part of the $1.4 million investment being made by TLC to improve the lines and substation servicing over 1,600 customers, located on the western side of Lake Taupo. The improvements are set to enhance reliability, minimise outages and speed up restoration time following unplanned outages.

TLC began work on stage two in February and has completed installation of all the structural upgrades at the Kuratau substation. On site work such as transformer testing has also been completed. With the focus now on the installation of electrical protection and control systems.

TLC’s GM Network Mike Fox said the project is “progressing well with a second transformer due to be livened at the substation during June as part of the upgrade.”

“This will provide backup to the existing transformer when it is out of service for maintenance or if an unplanned outage occurs.”

There will be an outage required to complete commissioning of the new equipment. Affected customers can expect to receive notification of when the outage will affect them.

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