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Our terms are changing

17 August 2021

We’re changing our terms to facilitate the change to retailer billing on 1 October, with retailers set to bill most TLC customers for both lines and electricity charges.

Our existing terms are being cancelled and replaced with a new set of standard terms which come into effect on 1 October 2021.

We’ve worked with our Customer Service Panel on the replacement terms — making them more customer-centric and easier to understand.

“The Panel worked with us on these terms, their feedback helped us to make sure they are more customer friendly, understandable and relatable,” said TLC GM Customer & Communications, Jo Ireland.

“We’ve removed a lot of industry jargon and technical phrases, made them more customer focused, and simplified the format.

“We want to make sure all parties to our replacement terms understand what the agreement covers, and how we’re mutually bound.”

The new standard terms are available here.

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