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TLC reassures older people

1 April 2020

The Lines Company (TLC) has seen increased call volumes from older people worried about paying their bills during the lockdown .

Some customers, particularly older customers, still prefer to pay their bills in person or via their bank.  But neither option is now available for many and some people are worried.

But TLC chief executive Sean Horgan has urged those worried to get in touch and has reassured people they won’t be penalised for not being able to pay their bill in person during the lockdown.  And he urged people not to send cash in the mail.

“We really don’t want people worrying about this at the moment. So if you’re struggling please get in touch and we can help you over the phone. Our staff are trained to support our customers,” he said.

In the meantime, there were other payment options and other ways to stay in touch, he said.

“We have lots of information on the TLC Facebook page and on our website and we update those often. We also offer online payments so now is a great time to reach out to family members to see if they need help with getting things set up online,” he said.

Horgan also suggested people also check their contact information and use a form on TLC’s website to update mobile phone numbers and email addresses.

“It means we have the right information and can get in touch quickly if we need to, in particular if we were to have an outage.”

You can update your contact details by completing our online form:

For more information contact