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TLC joins others phasing out cheques

27 July 2020

The Lines Company (TLC) is joining other New Zealand organisations in phasing out payments by cheque. 

From September 1 this year TLC will join petrol stations, government departments, NZ Post, The Warehouse and many other retailers in no longer accepting cheques.  From September, TLC refunds will no longer be issued by cheque and instead will be banked electronically.

TLC chief executive Sean Horgan said only a small number of TLC customers still pay by cheque.  BNZ, Westpac and ANZ banks will phase out cheques during 2021. Kiwibank has already made the change.

However, Horgan is reassuring those customers who currently pay by cheque TLC is happy to help with any transition to a new way of paying.

“We have lots of other options to paying by cheque and we are happy to find one that works for each customer.  Our customer team have already helped over 50 customers change in the last few months.”

TLC customers will be able to pay via internet banking or direct debit, with a debit or credit card by phoning TLC’s customer services team, with cash using a Smart ATM machine or via their bank.  Customers can also take advantage of TLC’s SmoothPay payment plan which helps manage the highs and lows of their bill.

From September 1 over-the-counter payments will no longer be accepted at TLC’s King St East office in Te Kuiti however customers will still be able to make over the counter at any Westpac branch.

Customers who still pay by cheque are being encouraged to phone the TLC customer service team toll-free on 0800 367 546.  Staff will talk customers through different options to find one which best suits.

“I’d encourage cheque-paying customers to call us now so we can help them move to a different way of paying,” Horgan said.

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