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Peter O’Driscoll presenting his bill with his free month of lines charges.

Taumarunui local wins SmoothPay promotion

27 August 2020

Taumarunui local Peter O’Driscoll has won July’s SmoothPay promotion, picking up one month’s free line charges from The Lines Company (TLC).

In July TLC ran a promotion for SmoothPay which entered all SmoothPay customers into the draw to win a month’s free lines charges.

A popular choice by many, SmoothPay allows customers to pay the same amount each week, fortnight or month, depending on what they choose.

Because payments are never missed, all SmoothPay customers are guaranteed to not receive a late payment fee on their bill.

Peter said he was “so happy” to hear he had won the prize.

“Being a pensioner and living on a budget, every little bit helps, thank you” he said

TLC customer experience manager Peter Makara said SmoothPay means no surprises because the amount due to TLC is always the same. The regular payment is paid by direct debit and can be adjusted up or down but only if both the customer and TLC agree to any change.

Every so often TLC will check to make sure what the customer is paying is right and if an adjustment is needed, will contact the customer to discuss it.

“It’s a great tool to help with budgeting and it means there aren’t any big surprises on your bill ,” Peter Makara said.

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