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Automated switches set to improve National Park supply

21 December 2020

The Lines Company (TLC) is continuing works to improve the reliability of the power supply throughout the National Park area, with the installation of two automated switches to take place in early January.

The switches on the 11kV network will enable the remote control of the switches in the event of an outage. Following the installation, power supply will be able to be shifted from the 11kV line to the backup supply line from Tawhai, with the change managed from TLC’s control room at Te Kuiti saving time and getting the power back on sooner.

The move to make the network more stable and reliable is part of TLC’s Asset Management programme, which will see $20 million dollars invested in line renewal and new equipment across the region this year.

“At the core of that programme is our focus on keeping the community and our people safe and improving our reliability performance and building resilience in our network,” said GM of Network Mike Fox.

“The assets at National Park supply holiday homes and the township. Our team being able to identify and manage faults remotely will greatly reduce the time it takes to get the lights back on in the event of an outage.”

The notified work at National Park will take place from 9am through to 4pm on Friday 8 January, during which time the power will be turned off so the work can be completed.

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