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SmoothPay the ‘way to go’

12 June 2019

A new payment system offered by The Lines Company (TLC) helps customers with budgeting and guarantees a 10 per cent prompt payment discount.

When TLC implemented its new pricing system in October last year, it also launched SmoothPay.  SmoothPay allows customers to pay the same amount each week, fortnight or month, depending on what they choose. Because there is no chance of a payment being missed, all SmoothPay customers are guaranteed a 10 per cent discount on their bill. Regular payments spread over the year also help make winter more manageable.

Customer experience manager Peter Makara said SmoothPay means no surprises because the amount due to TLC is always the same. The regular payment is paid by direct debit and can be adjusted up or down but only if both the customer and TLC agree to any change.

Every so often TLC will check to make sure what the customer is paying is right and if an adjustment is needed, will contact the customer to discuss it.

“It’s helpful for those on a budget because there are no unexpected bills,” Peter said.

“What happens is that most people build up a credit during summer, which they then use up over the winter months so there is no chance of falling behind on payments.”

WESCT chair Erin Gray agreed and said SmoothPay was “definitely the way to go for those wanting a definite figure to put in their weekly budget”.  She encouraged people to sign up – and to do so quickly.

“SmoothPay takes the guesswork out of estimating how much to put aside for your TLC bill each month. Rather than paying a higher rate in winter and a lower rate in summer, TLC has evened out your payments across a whole year.  If you are paying too much throughout the year, they will reduce the amount that you are required to pay.”

TLC is currently running a winter promotion to encourage customers to sign up to SmoothPay.  Those who sign up for the payment plan before June 30 will go into a draw for $3,000 towards home heating or insulation, or $3,000 towards a winter holiday.

Details about  SmoothPay, and the prize draw are on the TLC website www.thelinescompany.co.nz or by calling 0800 367 546.


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