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Positive response to insulation programme

8 November 2019

The response to the Maru Energy Trust’s home insulation programme has exceeded expectations.

Established in August 2018, by The Lines Company (TLC) as an independent charitable trust Maru’s primary focus is to help insulate homes in TLC’s network region making them warmer, drier and healthier, ultimately using less energy.

To date 52 homes have been insulated through the trust, with a further 51 booked to have insulation installed by the end of the year.

TLC CEO and Maru trustee Sean Horgan said: “We knew there was a definite need to help people get their homes insulated and the level of enquiry has confirmed that.”

“We are very pleased that Maru will in just 11 months of operation have helped insulate over 100 homes, but know this is really just the tip of the iceberg.”

However, registrations of interest are currently closed due to funding being fully allocated for this financial year.

“Like the majority of community-based initiatives funding is limited and we are currently researching options to secure further funding for the next financial year,” said Mr Horgan.

He said Maru was also fortunate to have received financial support from the King Country Electric Power Trust (KCEPT).

Administrator Jo Meads, who is based in Te Kuiti, said: “Maru has been very successful in a short time, and we have been inundated with enquiries which shows the need is very real.”

“The benefits of insulation are well documented. As many houses within TLC’s network are older style timber ones, our aim is to help those homeowners who are most vulnerable.”

A new funding round is expected to open in March 2020.

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