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TLC supports Mangakino Cosy Homes initiative

23 August 2018

The Lines Company (TLC) is supporting a community-based initiative to help local families keep their homes warmer.

As part of its sponsorship programme, TLC has provided $4,000 to the Mangakino Cosy Homes initiative which works to support and educate local families to make their homes warmer, drier and healthier.

Since launching in 2016, Mangakino Cosy Homes (MCH) has helped 45 families make improvements to maximise warmth in their homes and reduce mould, moisture, and draughts. TLC’s sponsorship will allow a further 14 homes to be assessed.

Cosy Homes is run under the umbrella of Mangakino Health Services. It involves an accredited assessor Phil Gregg visiting residents in their homes to assess houses and see what can be practically done to keep them warmer and drier.

Mangakino Health Services practice manager Charlene Campbell said supporting and educating whanau in their homes has a direct positive impact on health and wellbeing.

There are no set criteria for assessment and the initiative is open to all local residents, she said.

“Homeowners or tenants simply complete a registration form and assessments are then booked. We currently have five families waiting for assessments and hope to complete these this month.”

During assessments, residents are given advice on how best to use electricity to maximise warmth. Mr Gregg also provides tips to increase energy efficiency and reduce mould and moisture build-up.

“Phil uses thermal imaging to demonstrate pockets of coldness in walls and shows where heat escapes so people can see first-hand the loss of energy,” Mrs Campbell said. “Humidity monitors also help keep temperatures at an optimum level and help manage moisture.”

Resources such as draught stoppers seals for doors and windows and LED light bulbs are gifted to homeowners and residents.

“The feedback we’ve had is that these things make a difference straight away,” Mrs Campbell said. “MCH is certainly helping whanau to be healthier and make changes for the better. We’re delighted that TLC has chosen to become involved as financial support is absolutely essential for us to continue this work.”

TLC communications and customer service general manager Jo Ireland said Mangakino Cosy Homes was a great fit with TLC’s values.

“This is a fantastic, community-focussed and driven project and we’re very happy to support it,” she said.

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