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Changing out a pole on The Lines Company network.

The Lines Company pole and cross-arm work to increase Ōtorohanga power supply security

18 June 2018

Power poles and cross-arms are progressively being replaced in and around Ōtorohanga town over the next six months as part of $5.9 million of line renewal work planned by The Lines Company (TLC) across the network this financial year.

The work is planned in two neighbouring stages: the first, an area both sides of Main North Road (SH3) from around Harpers Avenue through to Blucks Road, runs from mid-June to early July.

The second stage in an around Ōtorohanga’s CBD – approximately west and south of Maniapoto Street and includes Ōtorohanga South, is planned for a period from July to November 2018.

Additional Northpower resources are being used to supplement TLC’s own capacity on the project to minimise inconvenience to customers and complete the lines renewal work quickly.

“Safety is the number one priority and it’s for that reason our TLC crews and contractors don’t do ‘live line’ work or work during the night,” says Mike Fox, general manager of Network Development.

“To keep the public and crews safe it does mean the power supply will need to be shut off while we work on the lines. Interruptions will however only be to those sections being worked on at the time and we will let customers when they should expect them.”

Line work is generally expected on weekdays between 8.00am and 5.00pm, with some weekend work anticipated. Customers should plan for one to two full days without power over the project, though depending on location some customers may experience more interruptions than others.

According to Fox line renewal work accounted for around 33% of the $18 million TLC expects to invest in the network over the coming year.

“We have a large number of poles and cross-arms in service with a good percentage of the older ones at risk of failing in the future. Doing this work now helps avoid unnecessary future outages while increasing the overall security and reliability of Ōtorohanga’s power supply,”

Usual maintenance notifications are mailed to let TLC customers know when their power will be off. Additional information and updates are available on TLC’s website and Facebook pages, via Faults (0800 367 328), Customer Service (0800 367 546) and on Cruise FM radio.

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