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The Lines Company asks customers to prepare for Cyclone Gita

20 February 2018

The Lines Company (TLC) is asking customers in the King Country, Ruapehu and Central North Island areas to prepare for strong winds from Cyclone Gita by securing objects that could blow into overhead power lines.

While not expected to be in the immediate path of Cyclone Gita, TLC crews are preparing to respond to damage that may be caused to the power network.  High winds are predicted in the area from late on Tuesday afternoon.

General Manager of Operations, Dayl Spencer said trampolines, outdoor furniture and other heavy items should be firmly secured.

“Fallen trees, branches and other wind-blown objects have caused multiple power cuts in previous storms.”

“January this year proved we can expect storms year round and not just in the winter,” says Mr Spencer.  “Residents should be prepared for possible power cuts at all times, with a good supply of batteries and torches and a battery-powered radio for weather updates.  It’s also wise to have full gas bottles on hand for cooking.”

Mr Spencer said customers who see power lines that have come down or trees on lines should call these is in to TLC Faults 0800 367 328.

Downed lines should be treated as live at all times and people and stock should stay at least 4 metres away from the line.

For more information contact