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Map of the areas involved in the 4 November work.

Planned lines work coming up for Ōtorohanga CBD

3 October 2018

Today The Lines Company (TLC) gave forward notice to Ōtorohanga business owners and residents of work coming up in the town’s main street, CBD and surrounding areas on Sunday 4 November.

Work on the town’s lines, replacing poles and cross-arms as part of a planned $1.2 million upgrade designed to minimize extended outages in the future, began in the middle of the year.

Sections north of Harpers Avenue and around the western parts of the town are already complete. The next section to be done includes Ōtorohanga’s main street, CBD and those residents and businesses supplied from it.

“We understand being without power is inconvenient for everyone, but most especially for businesses and we’re keen to give forward notice for everyone to prepare for a day without power,” says GM of Network, Mike Fox.

“We consulted locally and Sunday was agreed as the day with the least impact. There’s been a lot of planning where amongst other things we took into consideration avoiding impacts on school holidays and child care, Armistice Day and retailers’ Christmas promotions.”

Affected residents and businesses are being notified by letter this week and all will receive a mailed reminder closer to the date. Ongoing liaison with Ōtorohanga District Council, Ōtorohanga Business Association and emergency services about the event continues.

According to Fox the current work, alongside a soon to be completed increase in supply capacity from Ōtorohanga’s Te Waireka substation, sees Ōtorohanga and surrounding areas well positioned for future growth and development.

Power will be off to parts of Ōtorohanga from 7.00am to 5.30pm on Sunday 4 November, and other parts of the town to prepare for the work from 6.30 to 7.30am, and again from 5.00 to 6.00pm. The work depends on the weather and no major issues elsewhere on the network. The alternate date is Sunday 18 November.

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