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TLC’s new IT manager, Vannesa Davison

IT specialist joins The Lines Company

4 May 2018

Technology is under the spotlight at The Lines Company (TLC) with the appointment of a new information technology manager.

Vannesa Davison has recently joined TLC, adding to a solid technology-focused career in multiple industries including waste management, electricity supply, telecommunications and global software development.  She was most recently the IT Solutions Manager for Tower Insurance.

Davison, who holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Applied Management and a formal change management qualification said she has held almost every IT role “except that of an IT architect”. But her real passion is in business improvement, change management and systems analysis.

“My job is about keeping staff connected so we can do a better job of keeping our community connected; that’s pretty well it. We have some work to do in bringing TLC up to where it should be in terms of IT so there’s some good challenges ahead.”

Davison is TLC’s latest manager hired to support the senior leadership team which chief executive Sean Horgan has charged with driving change within the company. Two members of that senior team, general manager – customer service and communications Jo Ireland and general manager – network development Mike Fox, have also joined TLC in the last six months.

Horgan said TLC is recruiting outstanding people because they want to join a talented and highly knowledgeable team and know they can make a positive difference to the community.
“Good people want to join a company that has smart, innovative and engaged people at the heart of it. We have some amazing staff here, at all levels, who more than hold their own within the industry and beyond.  People are doing their homework and they’re recognizing TLC is a very good career option – and it is.”

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