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Your bill

Households and businesses in the King Country and Ruapehu area receive two bills each month relating to their electricity.

You’ll get one from us for the cost of connecting, maintaining the lines, and delivering power to your property, and another from your chosen energy retailer for the cost of the electricity you’ve used.

While your two bills may arrive at different times, it’s important to remember you’re not paying for the same thing twice.

We’re your distributor (getting the supply to wherever it’s needed), while your retailer is charging you for the actual electricity that runs down our network lines.

The two invoices you receive reflect the actual costs involved in providing these different services to you.

Paying your bill

Get it done online and save time.

How can I pay my bill?

There are loads of ways you can pay your bill:

  • Electronically through internet banking
  • By debit or credit card by calling our customer service team
  • Using a Smart ATM or by visiting your bank
  • Please note both cheques and over the counter payments at our King Street office are not accepted


Have a Question about your bill?

Give us a call on 0800 367 546 or send an email. Our friendly customer service team is here to help.

payment issues?

We understand that occasionally there’s a bump in the road or life throws a curveball. Talk to us; we may be able to help.

Understanding your bill

Your bill will vary each month, depending on how much power you used and when you used it.


Your bill will be made up of three charges:

  • Daily Fixed Charge — this is a charge per connection per day.
  • Variable Prices — based on how much you use (measured in kWh).
  • Daily Meter Charge — this is a charge per day for metering and relay equipment.

late payment fee

If you pay your bill after the due date you will be charged a late fee of $11.50 per bill (plus 3% per annum for balances over $1000).


Your account

As a customer, you’re charged for each Installation Control Point (ICP) or point where our network can deliver electricity to your property or building.

You may have several delivery points on one property, for example, a house, a workshop and a pump shed, or you may own several properties in different locations.

Each will have its own 15 character ICP number which is shown on your invoice and acts like an “ID” for delivery points.

The convenience of a single account with us

While you can have separate accounts with one or more ICPs on each, we’re finding that most customers prefer the convenience of a single account.

One account provides consolidated billing with a breakdown for each ICP, simplifies budgeting and bill management, and cuts down on banking fees.

Receive your bill by email

To get your bill by email, simply complete the form below:


All billing and personal information gathered by us is held and used in line with the Privacy Act 1993. This includes any medical dependency details.