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EV Chargers

We are committed to creating an electric vehicle (EV) friendly network that encourages both locals and tourists to explore our scenic network while supporting local businesses.

Our EV Chargers

We are installing chargers within reach of drivers and in accessible locations.


From Ōtorohanga in the north, to Taumarunui in the south, and right across the Central Plateau we’ve got you charged. You can even charge your EV for free at National Park’s park’n’ride facility.

The furthest an EV driver has to travel between any two chargers is 82km, offering a convenient and reliable charging network.

We’ve installed over 45 EV chargers at hotels and motels across the network with the financial support of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) and the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund.

If you find your EV running low of charge, we’ve got you covered.



There are a host of reasons vehicle owners are going electric:

  • EVs emit 80% less CO2 than an equivalent petrol vehicle, thanks to NZ’s renewable energy sources.
  • Battery EVs emit 60% less climate-changing emissions over their full life cycle than petrol vehicles.
  • You can conveniently charge your vehicle at home or use EV chargers during your journey.
  • Charging your EV at home during off-peak costs the equivalent of around 40c/litre of petrol.
  • With no gears, an EV can apply full power with a touch of the accelerator – there’s no engine noise
  • You can charge your EV inside your home or when you are out and about.

Find an EV Charger

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