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Otorohanga CBD line upgrade work

Scheduled for Sunday 4 November 2018, 7.00am to 5.30pm. Alternate date is Sunday 18 November 2018 (same times).


For some months we’ve been replacing power poles and cross-arms in and around the town of Otorohanga as part of an upgrade of the town’s lines.

On Sunday 4 November power will be off in Otorohanga’s main street and central business area (CBD) for work to be done in that part of the town. The shutdown affects around 600 residential and business customers as shown on the attached map.

Other than essential and emergency sewer and water services, and medically dependent Beattie Home and Village (elder care facility), we don’t and aren’t supplying generators to customers including businesses.

As they’re without power and may not want to go to the additional expense, a lot of businesses may choose not to operate that day.

Note: The Countdown supermarket and two service stations (Caltex and Mobil) will be operating.

What affected customers can expect on Sunday 4 November

Customers within the area on the map can expect power to be off from 7.00am to 5.30pm.

Beattie Home and Village will be without power from 6.30am to 7.30am, and again from 5.30pm – 6.30pm while we connect their generator.

Beattie Village is all residential units associated with a 3 Tutunui Street address in Otorohanga, while Beattie Home is located at 172 Maniapoto Street.

Sunday has been chosen as the day impacting the business community least.

The work depends on weather and there being no issues elsewhere on the network, in which case it will be postponed to Sunday 18 November (at the same times).


We’ll make postponement known on local radio and on our Facebook and website pages.  The website update will be notified to you by the TLC Faults Supervisor.

Call Care will need to update the TLC website so it’s clear to customers that the work has been postponed.


Road closure and parking restrictions

There’ll be a large number of lines vehicles, crews and equipment moving around throughout the day. Most activity will be on Turongo Street which will be under traffic management, with access limited to residents’ vehicles and emergency services.

To avoid any delays we need to have clear access to poles and street berms so there’s a parking restriction in place. This is also shown on the map.

Notifications to our customers of the Sunday 4 November work

All customers in the affected area have been sent a letter addressed to them and our regular shutdown card notifying the work and times power will be off.  The letters were posted on 3 October, with a small number sent on 15 October.

The work has been flagged in local newspaper articles, and on our Facebook and website pages. The most recent print advert (including the map) appeared in the Waitomo News on Tuesday 30 October. Radio adverts have also been aired.

The letters covered:

  • Date time and the reason for the planned maintenance and power being off
  • The reason why Sunday was chosen
  • Details of access and parking restrictions and of how any postponement would be communicated
  • Our position on generators
  • Safety messages:
    • Treat all lines as live at all times
    • Turn off any appliances or equipment being used before power was switched off
    • Make appropriate refrigeration arrangements for perishables (businesses) security alarms, and checking premises after power is switched on.
  • Instructions for those with internal meter boards.

Key contacts for Call Care on the day

  • Bruce MacKinnon of Northpower 0274 960 456
  • Manga Poa of Northpower 021 242 3083
  • Note: TLC Duty Faults Supervisor should only be called for queries, any actual faults still need to go to the Dispatcher.

Customer updates via Call Care

We’re keen to keep customers up-to-date and also avoid unnecessary queries regarding either any postponement or the time power will be switched on again at the end of the day.

We are looking to Call Care to:

If the work is postponed

  • Receive a message from the TLC Duty Faults Supervisor
  • Update TLC website and phone message accordingly
  • Call Anne Beex on 0275 898 455 for her to update Facebook and work with the local radio station to get postponement adverts aired quickly.

Power restoration update (where the work goes ahead as planned)

  • Contact Bruce MacKinnon for an update around 3.30 – 4.00pm
  • Post website and phone message updates at that time indicating “all is on track for power to be back on at 5.30pm today” or otherwise;
  • Text an alert to Anne Beex 0275 898 455 and email her the details anneb@thelines.co.nz for her to update Facebook.

Internal meter boards

Anyone with an internal meter board needs to have it safety checked before power can be switched on again.

They need to arrange this with Bruce (0274 960 456) or Manga (021 242 3083) before 4 November. The earlier the better so please advise them to do this, and they can call from now – they don’t have to wait.

Other instructions

Where customers call after the 5.30pm (or any applicable revised) power restoration time advising:

  1. They have no power.

Call Care organizes action through TLC Dispatch.

  1. They did not arrange a safety check of an internal meter board.

Advise them they should NOT under any circumstances turn on their main switch. It is dangerous!

Refer this to TLC Dispatch who will call and organize the check through Bruce or Manga.

Thanks for your help.