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As an essential service provider we’re taking our responsibilities very seriously. Our aim is to keep things running as smoothly as possible during this time. If you do experience a delay in your call being answered please bear with us. Our priority is and always has been the safety of our staff and the community and keeping you connected to electricity.




We're wiping variable charges for residential customers

We want to do our bit for our customers, so for the month of April we’re wiping variable charges for all residential customers.

That means we won’t charge you for any power you use during the month of April and you’ll have some certainty, in this uncertain time.

You’ll only need to pay your daily fixed charge and metering fee.
Please note: this change won’t affect the bill you receive from your electricity retailer.

Our hope is that by wiping these charges, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Kia Kaha King Country, and let’s all keep connected.

The detail:

  • From 1 April–30 April 2020 all customers on our Residential Standard or Low Fixed Charge pricing plans will be charged the Daily fixed price and Metering fee price — variable prices will be $0.000 per kWh.
  • After 30 April 2020, variable prices will be as notified to customers in pricing notification.
  • Variable prices refer to peak, shoulder, off-peak and anytime prices which are charged based on consumption (kWh).
  • These prices do not apply to General, Temporary accommodation or Dairy customers.
  • If a customer’s bill is estimated the consumption during this time will also be estimated. Customers can ring in or send a photo of their register reads.
  • This price change only applies to customers TLC bill.
  • Details of our pricing schedule can be found here

We're keeping you up to date

Changes to the way we work

We’ve had to make some changes to the way we do business in light of COVID-19, these include:

  • All planned outages are cancelled until further notice.  Our focus during this time is on faults and public safety. We will also prioritise work for essential services.
  • If you request a refund we’re no longer able to pay this by cheque and will need a bank account.
  •  We encourage customers to pay electronically if possible. We are still accepting cheques by mail. Our account details and address are at the bottom of your bill.  please do not send cash in the mail.  A list of pays to pay your bill can be found here.
  • We’re unable to read meters during this time.  If we need to physically read your meter (you don’t have a smart meter) we will estimate your bill.
  • Our customer service team are still available and are working from home.
  • We will not be processing any new connections, with the exception of essential services.

Our team out in the field

When our staff are called to an outage they will follow the protocol below:

  • All our staff will maintain a high level of hygiene at all times.
  • Staff will travel in separate vehicles
  • Masks and gloves will be worn when working in close proximity of others and when visiting properties.
  • Our team will maintain a 2m distance with each other (where possible) and members of the public
  • If you have an outage at your property we will need to come into your house for testing before reconnecting your power.

Thanks for your understanding during this time.  Stay safe everyone.


Continuing to care for our customers

We understand that COVID-19 may impact some customers’ ability to pay their bill on time. If you’re having difficulty paying, or you’re seeking specialised care due to these events, please get in touch so we can understand your situation and discuss options that suit you.

Get in touch

Email: info@thelines.co.nz

Phone: 0800 367 546
We’re open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm and
Wednesday 8am to 4pm

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