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As an essential service provider we’re taking our responsibilities very seriously. Our aim is to keep things running as smoothly as possible during this time.

Our field service teams are available 24/7 during Alert Level 2 to repair outages on the network and undertake planned work. Our staff will maintain a safe physical distance and follow strict hygiene protocols when working in the community.

If you’re visiting our offices or depots you’ll need to wear a mask and sign-in using the COVID tracer app or our visitor register.

In some cases, our team may need to enter your property or home to read your meter or to ensure any repairs they have carried out are safe before we reconnect supply.

Our team will be wearing appropriate PPE (mask and gloves). If they need to access your home, they will phone ahead (if possible), they’ll knock on the door and stand back to maintain social distancing. When safe to do so, they’ll enter your home. Please keep yourself and our team safe by maintaining a 2-metre distance while they complete any work.

We understand having others in your home during this time may be unsettling, however in some cases we are unable to reconnect supply without testing. This is a legal requirement and is to ensure we maintain a safe electricity supply to you.

We're keeping you up to date

the way we work at ALERT LEVEL 2

  • Our King St office will open to the public on Monday 13 September
  • An appointment will be required if you wish to visit our depots
  • Meters will be physically read
  • Our field staff will only be dealing with faults and undertaking planned work as usual, but with enhanced COVID-19 safety measures

Our team out in the field

When our staff are called to an outage they will follow the protocol below:

  • All our staff will maintain a high level of hygiene and follow physical distancing at all times
  • If you have an outage at your property we may need to come into your house for testing before reconnecting your power
  • Our team will keep a safe 2-metre distance from you and will wear PPE
  • Please keep a safe 2-metre distance from our staff

Reading your meter

  • If we need to physically read your meter we will only read these at Alert Levels 1 & 2 (if you don’t have a smart meter). If you’re vulnerable and would prefer us not to visit, please get in touch.

Customer Meter Read – Smart Meter

Customer Meter Read – Analogue Meter


Thanks for your understanding during this time. Stay safe everyone.


Continuing to care for our customers

We understand that COVID-19 may impact some customers’ ability to pay their bill on time. If you’re having difficulty paying, or you’re seeking specialised care due to these events, please get in touch so we can understand your situation and discuss options that suit you.

Get in touch

Email: info@thelines.co.nz

Phone: 0800 367 546
Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm and
Wednesday 8am to 4pm

Submit your question online  – here 

Report a fault onlinehere


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Are TLC’s crews doing work on the network?

Yes, they are conducting routine maintenance and undertaking planned work including major projects to improve the network and supply to customers.

What sort of work are TLC doing?

During alert level 2 they will be inspecting lines and poles, pillar boxes, substations, responding to unplanned outages, and getting on with planned work and projects.

Why are TLC doing the work at alert level 2?

To make sure customers have a reliable power supply and remain connected to electricity.

Will the TLC workers keep a safe distance from us?

Yes, they will maintain a safe 2m distance from those outside of their work bubble.

Will TLC need to turn my power off if they find a problem?

If they do, they’ll get in touch in advance to let you know when and how long the power will need to be off for.

Who do I call if there is an outage?

Call our friendly local outages team on 0800 367 328.